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- Using the sport of golf to provide transformational mental health and holistic lifestyle resource training to veterans with disabilities and first responders.

Requirements to attend:

- Veteran (must have 10% disability from service and be able to show proof)

- First responder with at least 12 months of time in job

Modality of Training:

- 4 day golf camps offered free of charge to participants (some charges may apply at this time, to include caddy fees at select courses and costs for food)

- day camps

- overnight camps

- All camps currently held in Wisconsin (expanding in the next 12 months)

Typical Schedule for a day:

- 2 hours of PGA caliber lessons from local pro's

- 4 hours of mental health and holistic lifestyle resource training

- 9 or 18 holes of golf, depending on course and availability

- lodging included if overnight camp

- group discussions focusing on topics such as moral injury, trauma, self care, resilience, mindfulness, empathy/compassion

- a chance to connect with fellow veterans and first responders who have dealt with the same things YOU have dealt with

- camaraderie and friendship building

Course overview:

- We utilize a typical golf camp model with PGA lessons and daily opportunities for golf, while also incorporating various mental health providers who are either licensed or have spent years in their professions, to provide resources to better equip our participants with tools to cope with and manage the unique traumas that these professions bring about.

- Our focus is to create an environment for four days that enables our participants to feel both welcomed and accepted and to understand that what they have experienced in their professions is not uncommon and can be managed in positive ways with the proper education and resources, as well as practice.

- Participants are encouraged to share traumas and emotions that they have been hesitant or unable to talk about in the past with their families, friends, coworkers, and others around them, as well as helping to understand where their moral injury/PTSD comes from and how to better manage stress, anxiety, and their emotions.

Resources commonly provided:

- mindfulness, yoga, meditation, bodyscan, resilience training, moral injury understanding, moral injury symptoms and symptom management, PTSD understanding and PTSD symptom management, breath-work, trauma informed care, yin yoga, journaling, group conversation, group therapy, and massage

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