Get Golf Ready

14 - 99 years old

Play competitively
Learn to play
Improve my game
Play the game proficiently

Day 1: putting: we talk about equipment. Then choose a path, determine the pace, and create an effective stroke.

Day 2: chipping with 3 different clubs. 3 different targets from about 7 or 8 yards off the green. Pitching with sand wedge about 20 yards off the green, Defining the half swing.

Day 3 all irons starting with half swing 9 iron and working toward a complete finish with all irons.

Day 4 distance clubs and what can maximize distance (driver and fairway medals). Also included is bunker play both fairway and greenside.

Day 5 course management. Take it on the golf course to learn the right club from several predetermined distances. Focuses mostly on 100 yds and in, and pre-shot routine. Hand out lots of notes.

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