Player Development Index

5 - 99 years old

Play competitively
Learn to play
Improve my game
Play the game proficiently

The Player Development Index (PDI) model of development incorporates three key components to support an athlete’s journey to success in the game of golf:

PDI Assessments

Long Term Athletic Development(LTAD)

5 Elements of Success

An athlete’s PDI journey begins with an assessment to provide greater clarity on where the athlete is in the journey and creates a clear roadmap of skill acquisition. PDI provides a numerical index that acts as a measure of the development of golf skill, physical proficiency, mental approach, and performance in a competition that supports golf coaches and their athletes in their journey of finding success in the game of golf. Integrating LTAD and our proprietary 5 Elements of Success philosophy into the developmental process for a golf athlete allows for a truly robust process that guides the athlete to consistently focus in the right areas based on their skill level. Our 5 Elements of Success are defined as Desire, Physical, Coaching, Mental & Equipment and they can and should be applied to all aspects of an athlete's life.

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