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Harris Park proposes to provide 120 children with golf instruction and 780 additional children and adults with free

access to the award-winning Harris Park Pitch & Putt golf course, located in urban Kansas City, MO. Golf instruction,

paired with life skills education, is provided by The First Tee. Additional instructors from local colleges hold special

classes on Tuesdays for children who are part of the Boys & Girls Club of Kansas City. People from all over Kansas

City come to play on our course.

Harris Park uses sports to draw families in and provides many programs and services that contribute to good health.

While children are in golf programs, yoga classes are in session for parents. Some parents also prefer to walk our trail

or take younger kids to the playground in the park, or simply enjoy our green spaces.

Harris Park, a private, 501c3 park, is the only green space in the area. The park was created after redlining and the

following disinvestment left an entire city block condemned over several years. For much of the city’s history, Kansas

City’s public parks were used as buffer zones that reinforced segregation and cultural boundaries. Until nearly 2020,

little investment was made in parks on the east side. As a nonprofit founded and run by a life-long member of the

community, Harris Park presents the only safe green space that is truly owned by the community.

Harris Park’s golf and other sports programming presents the opportunity for community members to develop healthy

habits and participate in sports that are often available only in wealthier communities. Harris Park aims to “Change the

Game” and make golf and good health accessible to everyone.

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