Bob-O-Links Junior Golf Club

8 - 17 years old

Play competitively
Learn to play
Improve my game
Play the game proficiently

The Bob-O-Links Junior Golf Club was organized in 1954 under the direction of Agnes Williams of the Chicago Women’s Golf Club. The Bob-O-Links Junior Golf Club teaches the game of golf to both male and female children ages 8-17. The program begins each golf season with an orientation-open house meeting in March for both returning and new members and their parents at the Chicago Women's Golf Club clubhouse located in Chicago, IL. Starting April through June each child is given 10 Saturday golf lessons with a PGA Professional, emphasizing current golf rules and procedures. Instruction is further enhanced with weekly hands-on workshops, golf course walkthroughs and a Junior Golf championship tournament to ensure that the children are provided with the
complete golf experience.    

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