Inner City Youth Golfers', Inc.

7 - 18 years old

Play competitively
Learn to play
Improve my game
Play the game proficiently

Inner City Youth Golfers’, Inc (ICYG) was established in 2000 to provide opportunities for at children between the ages of 7-18 wishing to understand, learn, play and enjoy the “game of golf” that, most importantly, teaches and instills “life skill values’ that will stay with them as they mature!
Our program is unique in that we are a parent-and-child program. Both parent and child learn at the same time. We bring families and friends together around the fun and life skills experiences that the game teaches.
Some of our yearly programs and activities include our "Golf Skills Development & Educational Camp series, Kids Fitness Festival, (PGA Tournament Back of the House Tour, special cultural and youth golf fun programs & tournaments.

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